Who can apply?

This is an incomplete list of the types of organizations that can apply. If you have questions about your organization’s eligibility, please get in touch with us.

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Non-commercial organizations
  • Private universities
  • Community associations
  • Other types of civil society organizations (if in doubt, get in touch with us)

For-profit organizations such as large farms or hunting organizations can apply in some circumstances, and if the need for grant funding is properly explained in the proposal.


What is the difference between large grants and small grants?

Small grants are awarded for sums under $20,000 USD. The application process for small grants is a one-step application, after we open a Call for Proposals. Large grants are over $20,000 USD. The application process for large grants is a two-step application process. After we announce a Request for Proposals, potential grantees send a Letter of Interest, and if selected, are invited to submit a full application.


How long can projects be?

There is no limit to project duration, but please follow the information in the specific Call for Proposals to which you are applying. Small projects are typically 1-2 years long, while large projects are typically longer, but ultimately the length of your project is up to you. All projects MUST end by June 2024.


Is there a maximum large grant size?

Large grants are limited to $150,000 USD.


Can one organization have two or more grants?

While you can apply multiple times, one organization can’t have more than one ongoing grant at a time. You must complete your project before you can be awarded a second project.